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Managing your financial affairs with a comprehensive approach


We will call him Tom. Tom entered our firm as a client with many assets to manage. An entrepreneur at heart, Tom brought to the table real estate partnerships, real estate, trusts, and lRAs. Individual management of these assets would be inefficient and would prevent thorough tax planning. By implementing an integrated approach to the management of our clients' assets, we strategically make decisions to ensure our clients are in control of their financial future.


During the course of developing a written investment policy for a client, we determined that they had exercised qualified employee stock options earlier in the year and had sold half of the stock and retained the other half. A member of our team recognized, from prior experience with taxation of stock options, the complex interplay of alternative minimum and regular tax and their different tax basis calculations. We recommended a consultation with their regular tax advisor to determine if tax savings could be realized from an earlier sale of the stock. The tax advisor agreed that savings would accrue and, given the client’s concern about the future share price for the small business, they decided to sell sooner rather than later. In the end, their fears were well-founded; the company’s share price dropped. They realized a higher share price in addition to saving taxes.

  • Extensive business experience – Our team members come to the firm from a variety of business backgrounds including public accounting, real estate management, capital formation, debt restructuring, and contract negotiation.
  • Multi-discipline – Our services extend beyond investment advisory services to include income tax and philanthropic planning and estate work.