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Portfolio Management

Portfolios are managed in a manner to give clients the greatest chance of reaching their goals and objectives within determined risk boundaries. Investment strategies are implemented according to a written investment policy prepared for the client by the Firm.

Income Tax Planning and Compliance

Proactive planning is provided considering all aspects of the client’s financial position. Asset management decisions are made with tax considerations in mind. Assistance in calculating quarterly estimated payments is provided in coordination with tax professionals.

Wealth Succession Planning

Comprehensive estate planning is provided drawing on the Firm’s experiences with other wealthy families. Services are coordinated with the client's estate attorney or with professionals with whom the Firm regularly work.

Family Philanthropy

Charitable giving is coordinated to meet the family’s goals using a variety of instruments to maximize charitable intent. The philanthropic plan is prepared considering income and estate tax consequences and the family’s multi-generation planning.

Risk Management

The client’s risk profile is considered on a global basis in determining that adequate insurance in place—life, property and casualty, disability, long-term care—all within the context of the family’s need.

Accounting and Record Keeping

Financial position, income and expenses, and cash flows are reported on a comprehensive, consolidated basis.

Ancillary Management Services

Real estate management (commercial, residential, and vacation homes), risk management (assessment of life, property and casualty insurance needs and costs), personal and administrative services are provided as part of the comprehensive review of the family’s financial situation. These services, which cover diverse disciplines, may not all be provided by the Firm. Whether provided by the Firm or others, the services will be coordianted by the firm. This comprehensive, coordinated approach improves the likelihood that overall goals are reached and family wealth maximized.